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Oakhill Day School Students See Impressive ERB Gains after Using AceReader

Grand Junction, CO (March 4, 2020) – Oakhill Day School (ODS) 7th grade students saw impressive improvements in assessment Educational Records Bureau (ERB) scores after training with the AceReader reading efficiency platform. In all three reading categories, ODS students began lower than the national norm and improved to score higher than the national average over the course of a year.

The 26 ODS 7th graders who used the program last year improved an average of 91 points in Verbal Reasoning, far better than the 47 points seen by test-takers nationwide. The students also improved 94 points in Vocabulary, compared to the 59 points by nationwide students; and 69 points in Reading Comprehension, compared to the 43 points in the national group.

"Last year we implemented AceReader with our 7th grade at the beginning of second semester. The students’ ERB scores improved more than in previous years. This year we’ve been doing AceReader with the 7th graders since day one, and their progress with reading speed and reading comprehension has been incredible! The program is so user-friendly, and it is something the students look forward to doing," said teacher Ann Bertoldie.

AceReader is designed to help eliminate a number of bad reading habits and instill new, beneficial ones. Users training 15-20 minutes, two to three times per week, see significant gains in both reading speed and comprehension. Training includes leveled and themed reading comprehension tests, drills, and an array of fun educational games.

A summary of 47 student results this year and last year who completed at least one of 13 levels shows they improved their reading speed by an average of 47%. Thirty-nine students (83%) showed improvement, and they increased their reading speed by an average of 60%. Note: A 60% improvement is like shaving off 22 minutes per hour of reading.

"Because of the success we’ve seen with our 7th grade students, we started our 5th grade students in the AceReader program at the beginning of the second semester this year. After being in the program for a couple of months, these younger students are seeing progress and really like using the program, as well!" added Bertoldie.

For over 20 years, AceReader has been effective in helping students improve their reading skills and meeting the demands of educational environments, for grades 3-college and adults. Learn more about the program and watch our introductory videos at Teachers and administrators can visit for pricing and to request a free trial.

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