Better Readers
Make Better Learners

AceReader improves reading rate,
comprehension and fluency.

Teaching and learning better reading skills just became a whole lot easier

Students engage with fun and easy-to-use training exercises, including 13 levels of themed content that is interesting and educational for all grades and ages.

Why AceReader?

Education Edition

The Education Edition of AceReader is our flagship product, developed exclusively for schools. The AceReader Education Edition has been designed around the needs of schools, teachers and students to deliver a classroom level application that integrates well with existing reading classes, or can be used as a teaching supplement.

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Family Edition

The Family Edition of AceReader is a streamlined version of the Education Edition, which includes a parent account for managing two to eight student accounts, enough for the whole family. The AceReader Family Edition is also ideal for homeschooling use.

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Personal Edition

The Personal Edition of AceReader contains everything in the Education Edition except for the administrative features required by schools and teachers. This enables individuals to use the same great application found in schools, but on a personal level.

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AceReader for the Home

AceReader is helping individuals and families become more efficient readers.

AceReader - Tech & Learning 2016 Awards of Excellence winner!

AceReader — Tech & Learning 2016 Awards of Excellence Winner!

On October 5th, Tech & Learning Magazine announced the winners of their 34th Annual Awards of Excellence and the Education Edition of AceReader was amoung the products honored with this year's award.

Back to Homeschool Resource Award winner!

Back to Homeschool
Resource Award winner!

AceReader is proud to be listed as a "Top Back to Homeschool Resource Award winner" on

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Eddie Awards 2016

Eddie Awards 2016 Winner

AceReader Online Cloud Edition wins 21st Annual Education Software Review Award by ComputED Gazette for Best Multi-Level Reading Software. The Awards target innovative and content-rich software and websites that augment the classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity.

Education Technology Insights 2016

Education Technology Insights 2016

AceReader Named to Top 10 Digital Solution Providers 2016 by Education Tech Insights. A distinguished panel of experts, professionals, and technology leaders including board members of Education Tech Insights Magazine has chosen and included AceReader in the Top 10 list.

Winner of 2017 i-Learn Award

AceReader is Winner of iLearn Award!

The iLearn Award is the highest honor offered by Practical Homeschooling magazine and is earned from the highst ratings from satisfied customers.

Break Bad Reading Habits and Make Reading More Enjoyable

AceReader takes you from reading word-by-word to reading chunks of words at time.

Why AceReader?

Having researched current reading programs and having used the AceReader for several years, I can honestly say this is a quality product that not only improves a student’s reading rate but more importantly his or her comprehension. Students love to play the games; the fact that they are retraining their eyes and brains to see and read faster is secondary. They also enjoy the wide variety of stories and often remark on how much knowledge they have gained. This is the learning tool every teacher hopes to find—one that is both fun and educational.

Carolyn L. Davidson, Reading instructor for 20 years, Butte Community College, Paradise, CA, USA.

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