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Helping parents help their children become better readers.
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Improve reading skills for the whole family

Each child signs in with their own account, and the program adapts to each child's skill level.

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What is AceReader Family Edition?

The AceReader Family Edition is a powerful web application designed to assess, improve and monitor reading speed, fluency and comprehension for your family or homeschooling needs. AceReader is not a "how to read" program, but rather a "how to read better" program.

This version of AceReader is based on the Education Edition used by schools, but it is streamlined and focused on supporting two to eight people. Now you and your family will have the opportunity to train with the same features offered to schools, including a simple-to-use parent admin account to manage and monitor your family's progress.

It includes a wide variety of leveled and themed reading comprehension tests, eye pacing drills and fun eye exercise games.

Family Edition Pricing Plans

Family Edition - 2 Users: $59/year
Family Edition - 4 Users: $79/year
Family Edition - 8 Users: $99/year

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Help your children be successful in school

Better reading skills lead to better test scores and grades. When reading becomes easier, your children will also want to read more.

AceReader Awards

Award from

AceReader is honored by by being chosen to be included in "The Best Homeschool Curriculum, Products & Resources of 2024-25.”

AceReader Awards

EdTech Awards

EdTech Awards for 2022 by EdTech Digest honors AceReader as a Finalist. This year’s finalists and winners were narrowed from the larger field and judged based on various criteria, including: pedagogical workability, efficacy and results, support, clarity, value and potential.

Eddie Awards 2016

Eddie Awards Winner

AceReader Online Cloud Edition wins 21st Annual Education Software Review Award by ComputED Gazette for Best Multi-Level Reading Software. The Awards target innovative and content-rich software and websites that augment the classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity.

AceReader - Tech & Learning 2016 Awards of Excellence winner!

AceReader — Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Winner!

AceReader was amoung the products honored with the 34th Annual Awards of Excellence by Tech & Learning Magazine.

AceReader Awards

AceReader has been the recipient of over 50 awards and honors in the education space.

Technology & Learning Magazine named AceReader its "Top Winner" and the best of 55 curriculum products in the 24th annual Awards of Excellence. Other honors included winning 5 BESSIE Awards and 3 EDDIE Awards in the category of best reading software.

Track your children’s progress

Parent accounts let you adjust options for each child and allow you to monitor your children’s progress.

Why AceReader?

Breaking bad reading habits

Your children will learn to minimize subvocalization (pronouncing each word in their mind as they read) and regression (re-reading), two processes that lead to inefficient reading.

Why AceReader?

I want to thank you so much for Ace Reader. My son has struggled with reading all his life. He is 14 now, when he was 11 we found he had a problem with double vision that could not be corrected with glasses. He went through several months of therapy and for the next school year we purchased Ace Reader. It picked up where the therapy had left off. He enjoyed the daily application and has increased in speed, but more importantly, his confidence in reading has been bolstered from 0 to 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. We are deeply grateful for your contribution to his well being and look forward to great things. Thank you so very much.

Jennie Salinas-home school Mom, Iva, SC, USA.

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About AceReader

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Learn interesting educational material while learning how to be a more efficient reader

Includes interesting leveled and themed content with over 1,000 reading comprehension tests. Themes include: General, American History, Earth & Space Science, Famous People, Fun Facts and SAT/ACT Prep. Get smarter while you learn to be an efficient reader. 13 levels of text make it ideal for all ages.

No Risk — 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have been working with industry professionals, educators and reading specialists for years to perfect this product, but your voice matters. If you have a question or problem, let us know. And, if within 30 days of using AceReader you do not feel 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a full refund, at: 1-800-AceReader, ext. 2

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