AceReader Education Edition

The AceReader application is first and foremost built for educators and their students.

What is AceReader Education Edition?

The Education Edition of AceReader is our flagship product. AceReader has been designed around the needs of schools, teachers, and students to deliver a classroom level application that can be run in groups or in individual settings.

AceReader helps students to improve their reading rate, fluency and comprehension, while enabling teachers to monitor and access the progress of their students.

AceReader is not a "how to read" program, rather a "how to read better" program.

It includes a wide variety of leveled and themed reading comprehension tests, eye pacing drills and fun eye exercise games.

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AceReader - Tech & Learning 2016 Awards of Excellence winner!

AceReader — Tech & Learning 2016 Awards of Excellence Winner!

On October 5th, Tech & Learning Magazine announced the winners of their 34th Annual Awards of Excellence and the Education Edition of AceReader was amoung the products honored with this year's award.

More about AceReader

Take a moment to learn more about AceReader and what kind of results you can expect.

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How does AceReader work

AceReader is in the cloud.

AceReader is delivered as a cloud service. Accessible from your school campus, classrooms, labs, or even home.

There is no software or app to install and it can be accessed from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device over the web.

We provide your school with a single unique URL for your students, teachers and administrators.

Free updates and support via email and toll-free phone.


AceReader is for your students.

  • Students perform automated self-adjusting courses or can manually select from wide variety of reading assessment and improvement activities.
  • AceReader helps students break two major bad habits:
    • Subvocalization (pronouncing the words in their mind while they read word-by-word).
    • Re-Reading/Regression (letting the eyes wander back to re-read text).
  • AceReader will also help your students:
    • Reduce their Eye Fixation Time (time spent when the eyes are focused on a single point).
    • Expand their Eye Fixation Zone (ability to read a wider text width when the eyes are focused on a single point).
    • Increase their Re-Fixation Speed (ability to reposition the eyes at a rapid rate).
  • AceReader will help your students to read faster with greater comprehension. Ultimately, your students will benefit greatly in all their studies.
Student Screens

What can students expect?

Students will engage in reading activities consisting of timed reading comprehension tests, eye pacing drills and a variety of eye exercise games. Automated self-adjusting courses make the program very simple to use. Typically students will spend about 15 minutes using the program two to three times per week.

AceReader comes with over 900 themed and leveled reading comprehension tests. Students will read interesting educational material and learn new vocabulary as they improve their reading speeds, comprehension and fluency. We understand that it's not about reading speed, but instead reading comprehension, so that's why all the training activities are tied to how well students perform with their timed and leveled reading comprehension tests.

Your students' success with AceReader goes beyond just good reading skills, since students will also become better and more efficient learners. Our aim is not only to improve their reading skills, but to teach students to "enjoy" the process of reading and learning.

Apple on Books

AceReader is for teachers.

Teachers will monitor their students' activities and progress through reports and graphs.

Teachers can configure options and settings specific to individual students as well as whole classes. This includes unique levels settings on a per student or per class basis.

Administators can set school wide settings and options for classes or individual students where appropriate.

Teacher Screens

What can teachers expect?

With 20 years experience, we understand what teachers want. We make it easy to monitor students' daily activities and overall progress with tables, charts and graphs.

We believe in comparing apples to apples, so we created a pre and post test system, which makes it easy to monitor your students' progress from beginning to end.

Administrators and teachers have full access to control a wide variety of options for the whole school, specific classes or individual students. Course selection and text complexity levels are part of the options that can be set. We understand that flexibility is important, since some students may need to train at different levels.

Two years ago, I added the AceReader program as a supplement for my Reading for Success classes. My college developmental reading students are improving their reading speeds. In the past, I've only had a few students that could reach the class goal of 250 wpm with 80 percent comprehension. Now, my students are averaging well above our speed goal with 80-100% comprehension. Many of the students play multiple games because that is already something they enjoy doing. Our students consistently talk about how much they have improved and enjoy the class.

Sharon Taylor
Reading Specialist & Assistant Professor of English
Western Wyoming Community College
Rock Springs , WY, USA.

Our Customers Love Us.

We have a diverse group of customers, from K12 to 4-year Colleges and Military Training Academies, but the one thing they all have in common is that they see the value of AceReader within their curriculum.

Who needs AceReader

Device Independent!

AceReader runs in any modern browser, such as Chrome, Edge, IE11+, FireFox 40+, Safari or Amazon Silk.

You can use AceReader on Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as iPads, Android tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire (OS 5) tables, and a growing variety of mobile devices.

Is AceReader right for your school?

Is AceReader right for your school?

To answer that question give us a few minutes of your time. We'd love to demonstrate AceReader, what it does and how simple it is to use.

Hundreds of schools and thousands of students are already using AceReader to improve reading skills.

Give us a call: 1-800-AceReader, Ext. 2, or fill out the contact form.