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Newly formed AceReader, Inc. launches new cloud-based edition of AceReader for schools.

Grand Junction, CO (July 26, 2016) — StepWare, Inc. began 20 years ago as a research and development company, providing high-end educational programs to schools and individual consumers. The school edition of AceReader grew to be its flagship product. As a result of its success and demand by educators and consumers alike, AceReader, Inc. was formed as a spin-off dedicated solely to the development, sales and support of AceReader's new generation of products.

AceReader is an award-winning software program designed to increase students' reading rate, comprehension and fluency. With a growing demand by schools for the program to perform on a wide range of devices, AceReader, Inc. has launched its cloud-based software product line that works on PCs, Macs and mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets through a web browser and an internet connection.

"AceReader uses time-tested, research-based technology that has a successful track record of improving students' ability to read more efficiently. It helps users break through the barrier of reading word-by-word to reading groups of words at a time with improved speed and comprehension," commented Bernie Marasco, co-founder of the new company."As our slogan says, better readers make better learners, and we feel that nothing is more important than reading well when it comes to students' education and to their ability to succeed in their lives. That's why we're happy we can now deliver our program using all popular platforms."

AceReader provides students with easy to use, self-adjusting courses, efficient reading strategies, memory/retention exercises and a powerful eReader that allows them to import and train with material they need to read anyway. It uses interesting and engaging content that is themed and leveled into 13 text complexities, making it ideal for all ages. Additionally, the automated pre- and post-testing system, along with comprehensive and visual reports, makes it easy to track students' progress.

AceReader is designed to meet the demands of schools, but the company also offers Family and Personal editions based on the same successful principles developed for the educational environment. All versions are available by yearly subscriptions. The Family Edition begins with two users for $59/year, and the Personal Edition for one user is just $39/year. Schools enjoy lower cost-per-student pricing and should contact AceReader, Inc. to set up a demonstration and for pricing.

For more information, please contact:

Bernie Marasco
619 Main Street,
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970-243-9390, 1-800-AceReader (1-800-223-7323), ext. 2
Fax: 970-243-9482