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California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) Students Improve Reading Skills with AceReader

Grand Junction, CO (August 23, 2016) — California State University, Sacramento used the AceReader online reading efficiency program for their "Reading for Speed & Efficiency" course during the 2015/2016 school year. Of the students who took both pre and post-course assessment tests, 78% showed an average improvement of 86% with their Effective Reading Rate (ERR) scores. The ERR is determined by taking the reading speed (words per minute) and multiplying it by the comprehension score.

"I was surprised how much I improved in my reading rate without lowering my comprehension. It took a few weeks before I noticed how the program was helping me. But by the 4th week I was reading more smoothly and gaining confidence. I wasn’t stopping as often as I read. I just kept going and found that I was understanding more as well as reading faster!" exclaimed one student.

One of the main problems facing students is regression, the involuntary re-reading of text under the false assumption that they have missed important information. This not only slows the reader down, but it actually decreases comprehension, as he/she does not see the words in order and tends to fixate more during the reading process. After training with the program, though, another student commented, "The AceReader program really helped me stop rereading everything I read. I discovered after a few weeks working with the program that I was able to comprehend important information without going back over everything! My focus is much improved. This really helped me with my History and Psychology texts. I am reading over 70% faster."

Lori Neuffer, an Instructor of English (Reading and Writing Programs) at CSUS, is excited about the results she is seeing in her class. "The students are enjoying their training sessions, and they’re seeing real improvement in their reading skills," Neuffer said.

AceReader is designed to help eliminate a number of bad reading habits and instill new, beneficial ones. Users training 15-20 minutes, two to three times per week, see significant gains in both reading speed and comprehension. The program is designed to meet the demands of the educational environment, both K-12 and post-secondary. Learn more about the program and watch our introductory videos on our website’s home page ( Teachers and administrators should contact AceReader, Inc. ( to set up a demonstration and for pricing.

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