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Personal Editions of AceReader


"Having researched current speed reading programs and having used the AceReader for several years, I can honestly say this is a quality product that not only improves a student’s reading rate but more importantly his or her comprehension. Students love to play the games; the fact that they are retraining their eyes and brains to see and read faster is secondary. They also enjoy the wide variety of stories and often remark on how much knowledge they have gained. This is the learning tool every teacher hopes to find—one that is both fun and educational."
Carolyn L. Davidson, Speed Reading instructor for 20 years, Butte Community College, Paradise, CA, USA.
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Click here for comments from students at Butte College

"As a former instructor of speed reading, I know that being able to read rapidly with excellent comprehension and recall requires expert training and practice. So when I was elected an official of a major college system and suddenly had to read stacks of reports and documents, I shopped the internet for a program that would freshen my reading skills, meet high academic standards and be reasonably priced. AceReader was my first and only choice. Whether a beginner or pro, it’s multi-level drills, exercises and reading materials are well paced and challenging. Just a few minutes a day enabled me to sprint past my old speed limit. I especially appreciate AceReader’s flexibility and range of creative options. I can skip around, pursue a structured curriculum, or design my own focused on my personal reading materials and objectives. What’s more, AceReader is not a cluttered, one-size-fits-all program. It offers a variety of professionally designed programs, each fine-tuned to individual and group needs. Whether for pleasure or work, I highly recommend AceReader."
Cy Gulassa, Trustee, Peralta Community Colleges, Oakland, CA, USA.

"As a physician trying to stay current with medical news, journal articles , and continuing medical education credits, being a slow reader is a real frustration. Ace Reader Elite has been a great solution! I'm a much more efficient reader. Using it as is has excellent benefits, but beyond that, I can use continuing education text and other required reading in the program, and accomplish two important tasks at the same time. How often can you multitask without divided attention? Excellent and highly recommended."
Dr. Amy Love, MD, Mt Laurel, NJ, USA.

"Having graduated three children from homeschooling, who are all excelling in adult life: two are headed to grad school and the third is being pushed up the corporate ladder by supervisors, one may ask, how does one prepare children to succeed? It's by focusing on skills like polishing the ability to read large volumes of material and comprehend its content. Ace Reader Elite is sound, honest software that physically trains the eyes to excel in higher reading skills. There's no gimmick here. The student must apply their effort, but Ace Reader has made it easy by providing preset activities in its course mode. It's the plug and play method to training oneself to speed read. That alone would be worth the money, but the developers don't stop there. They have also provided all the tools to tailor this powerful software to meet individual needs in their Menu Mode. I'm using this mode to help my vision based dyslexic fourth child. Although plenty of material exists within the program I want to create some vocabulary specific material. Most companies won't hand such flexibility to its customers, but instead sell add-ons to maximize sales. Yet this company adds still more value. They have also provided a third powerful tool, the Reading Mode, for struggling and motivated readers. It resembles the old book and tape library products where one can listen and read along, but is much better because it highlights specific text being read aloud while methodically increasing speed. If you are looking for modestly priced software that provides the tools to excel in reading, this is it. And to get a quality video course designed by corporate speed reading experts, Iris Reading, that spotlights comprehension go to and order their premium package. Ace Reader is definitely my first choice to prepare the next generation, and beef up reading skills in the present generation. Thanks again, sincerely for a great product at a great price. "
Merry Hoffman, homeschool mom, Fort Worth, TX, USA.

"I have used Stepware's Acereader Speed Reading Internet-based applications for over a year now and have been thrilled with its results. My students are focused and enthusiastic about their learning and their abilities to improve their reading speeds as well as their comprehension. The interactive games and learning tasks engage students and promote continued learning. A majority of my students started at reading levels ranging form 90 to 150 and within a few weeks of using the speed reading applications have doubled their scores. Best of all the students can access the application from any computer at school or home, so they are always learning and growing. Another plus is the variety of reports and tracking tools are accurate and useful for both the teacher and the student. It promotes the desired learning through instantaneous feedback. I have taught speed reading for 13 years now, and I am thrilled with this product. I highly recommend purchasing this application for your students.'
Mary Turner, Secondary English & Speed Reading Teacher at Monroe Woodbury , Central Valley, NY, USA.

"I have been a long time user of AceReader and now after using the new Elite version I am finding even greater improved reading results. I particularly like the program’s ability to paste in documents that are helpful to my business. Plus many of the included web links are very helpful in understanding the dynamics of speed-reading. I have a personal goal of reaching 1,000 wpm and can see that this is very attainable. Well done on your program improvements."
Peter Buenz, Baytown, TX, USA.

"I've been using Ace Reader for about five years with incredible results! I've had lots of reading in my job and as a PhD student. I typically use the program to read articles and documents. My favorite mode is the one-line flash. This helps me to concentrate and read very fast. I also do the exercises included in the software to keep my brain in good shape for reading. I highly recommend Ace Reader to anyone who wants to get a lot of reading done, in a fast and enjoyable way. By the way, my reading speed has dramatically increased when I read documents and books without loading them into the program."
Cesar Gallegos, Norwalk, CA, USA.

"Dear AceReader Executives: North Park Academy began incorporating AceReader into our curriculum on a weekly basis last year to much success! The students truly enjoy the "competition" to increase their own reading skills while the teachers can see the results, too. Many students have increased their speed and comprehension by 200 - 300%! We will continue to use AceReader because it works for both the younger and older students."
Jeff Drozda, Indiana State Senator, COO of North Park Academy, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

"Acereader Pro is a great buy! As a Reading Specialist and Ed Therapist, I am constantly looking for good tools that I can use in my practice and recommend to parents and students for use at home. Acereader Pro is always at the top of my list. It is a fun, easy to use, kid and parent-friendly, customizable, no-nonsense, workhorse that actually helps improve reading speed and comprehension in as little as 10 minutes a day. I have used Acereader as part of the Bernard EASE reading fluency program for the past six years in private practice, clinics, and school settings, and it just keeps getting better. Kids can't wait to get to the computer and parents are amazed at how easy it is to use. I have recommended Acereader for kindergartners and lawyers alike! Whether you have a child who is just learning to read or need to get through volumes of text more quickly Acereader is worth the money!"
Alison O'Fallon, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

"As an elementary school teacher who works with struggling readers from first through 5th grade, I am always looking for programs that will help individualize student instruction. Through grants, I have purchased several very expensive programs for our school, however these programs didn't make a difference for many students. I purchased one copy of the Ace Reader software to give it a try with one particular student. The results amazed both the student and myself. In two weeks, this struggling 5th grader went from reading word by word to reading complete passages fluently. I brought my principal in to observe the student and she was amazed. Her exact words were, "How do we get more of these?" and "Is it budget friendly?" We ended up purchasing a 20 seat license for the school at a very affordable price. Thank you for providing such a great program!"
Cheryl Souza, ELL Specialist, Kathy L. Batterman ES, Los Vegas, NV, USA.

"AceReader has been an excellent adjunct for our Optometric Vision Therapy programs. The games are motivating and fun for kids. We use Tach Flash to support rapid recognition of words and phrases, as well as visual discrimination skills. We use Eye Span to encourage use of peripheral vision when reading, and Eye Span with Comprehension for visual information processing over a larger reading area. The automatically-paced comprehension passages help students to build more efficient self-directed reading skills. Many of our patients choose to continue using this software after they graduate, to prime their reading skills as they prepare for high school and college."
Samantha Slotnick, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D., Behavioral Optometrist, Scarsdale, NY, USA.

"As a speed reading instructor for Certified Learning Centers, I have evaluated many software programs over the years. However, once I found AceReader Pro, I knew I didn't need to look any further. The program is easy to follow, allows the user to adjust a wide variety of parameters, and reinforces all the techniques critical to becoming an efficient reader. In short, AceReader Pro is a must for anybody who is serious about improving both their reading speed and their comprehension. We have selected AceReader Pro as the software to use in our courses."
Miriam Ruff, Certified Learning Centers, Silver Spring, MD, USA.
Click here for a partial list of CLC customers.

"AceReader has helped me tremendously in reading faster and remembering what I read." "A Product Made Well and Sold With Integrity. AceReader is not only a tool that helps one become a "speed reader." It's a learning tool, too. It uses a combination of physical and physiological methods, backed up by empirical evidence regarding its practical utility, and it works. I can attest to it. After doing an exercise you receive a score, which includes how quickly you're reading against your initial baseline. You can see what I'm guessing will be significant progress if you stick to it. It just requires forming a habit to invest 20 minutes to a half hour on it daily. A habit takes 21 days, on average, to establish. Do it for three weeks, and it'll become like brushing your teeth. You just do it." "AceReader. I highly recommend it from the viewpoint of an academic and an applied psychology practitioner."
Dr. Evan Stark PhD, Ballston Spa, NY, USA.
Click here for full statement from Dr. Evan Stark.

"I Love Ace Reader. A little Background. I fell in love with Ace Reader in 2001. Living in Santa Fe, NM, I was a part time stay at home dad raising my 11 year old daughter. She saw me playing with AR, and she wanted to play too. We made a FUN game of reading at different speeds and differing groups of words, & answering the comprehension tests. We continued to use AR as she grew up, went to school & college, Thru it all, Katie was always at the top of her class in reading and comprehending. She shared the AR secret with many of her friends, because it was just too good to keep secret. To top the story off, I lost our copy of AR thru moving, changing cities, states, & computers, but never forgot about it. While Katie was visiting (she's an RN working on getting her masters degree) we found an old copy of AR, but we did not have the CD key, as it was just a trial version. Thinking it was probably a lost cause, but just for fun, we thought to email, (the Ace Reader Company), and see if they could help us out with the serial number or CD Key. Well, much to our Surprise, the company had a record of us and they helped us upgrade to the newest AR that had just come out! WoW, talk about Tech Support & treating your customers Right! This Ace Reader reference letter is about a Company the has some Really Good Products, Excellent Tech Support, and the Right kind of people. Thank you so much for all you have done for us."
Mike Harris & daughter Katie Harris Zeyner, Santa Fe, NM, USA.

"I'm a CIO at a manufacturing firm in Georgia. I've got way more to read than I can possibly get to in a day's time. Ace Reader helps me read and digest white papers, case studies, and technical material faster than I could ever read it from paper. I'm more productive and more knowledgable about the issues in the IT space, thanks to Ace Reader."
Eric Lynch, Woodstock, GA, USA.

"I'm that homeschool mom who requested information about the AceReader online program - and you recommended we use the software instead. Well, we've only had it a couple of days, but my kids love it - the daughter for whom I have the most concern about her reading says that she has already gone from 130 words per minute to 199. My younger daughter has seen improvement, too (she wants me to tell you exactly what her improvement has been - in one lesson, she went from 99 wpm to 122 wpm). I haven't started the boys on it yet, but they are both already reading very well. My older daughter (age 16) came to me last night after having used the program once and she was just bursting with excitement about it. She said, "It is not at all what I expected" and "It's fun" and "I think it's really going to help." She isn't one to just lay on the praise without good reason. (For example, she hates the online ACT test prep program from a major company that she is using and feels that it is a waste of her time.) She believes this reading program will be totally worth her time. I'm really glad we ordered it."
Karen Metcalf, Maryville, Tennessee, USA.

" I'm a homeschooler with six kids and we have been using ACE READER for over three years and it's the best product out there. I've tried one other highly ranked course but, It didn't have the structure you need to teach kids. I put it on course mode and locked all the changes out. Ace Reader didn't let the kids wonder around the program and waste time. It kept them on track and learning. I had them practice 20 to 30 minutes a day and at times they said it was too hard but, with prizes for reaching goals and a meter that shows the percentage of the course they completed they started to push themselves. Now three years later the older three boys have more than tripled their speed, the oldest is now 15. One thing I really liked about it are the tests. The kids read about American history, Earth and Space Science, Famous People, SAT Questions and more! Practicing to read fast and learning something educational, that's awesome! as my kids would say. One of my son's has actually finished the course mode. I gave him The freedom to set things up the way he likes to learn which the menu and reading mode will let you do. It' a very flexible program letting you have control over almost everything. I used the older program and when I needed support I was happy that they called me right back the next day. I talked to a programmer who knew everything about the program. He not only fixed the problem he updated it. Again, Awesome! But, the greatest thing is the love of reading it has given to my children. they consume book after book and the librarians know my family. For every homeschooler this is the best investment for your child I have found and for others you can mold it to what best suits you."
Jim Sherey, Farmers Branch, TX, USA.

"I discovered AceReader eight years ago. As a learning disabilities specialist, it provided just what I was looking for, an inexpensive, yet effective program to address issues of reading speed and fluency. Often students with dyslexia can learn to decode by being taught a variety of phonemic awareness programs, however, the rate in which they process what they have read often lags behind. I have found that AceReader is a very effective tool that specifically targets reading speed and reading fluency. I have also used the graded passages as an informal way to assess my students reading level and students can use the program independently to reinforce the skills we have worked on together. I have used the games with students from first grade to seniors in High School. They are engaging and my students enjoy playing them as a reward for hard work. I would highly recommend AceReader."
Lori Loebelsohn, Learning Specialist, Montclair Kimberley Academy, Montclair, NJ, USA.

"Ace Reader is a very nice tool. I use it mainly in the Expert mode for daily reading. I like that I am forced to fully concentrate during the reading. It really works, I have been able to increase my reading speed by nearly 50% in one year. I also feel it improves my general visual perception skills. The support team is very responsive so my overall experience with AceReader is very positive."
Ivo Nemecek, manager, Systems Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic

"AceReader has helped my fourth grader excel to one of top performers in her class. She struggled with homework and working independently, but only after the summer of working 15-20 minutes a day, usually after day camp, has gained confidence working independently while increasing her reading and comprehension skills. The eye exercises have improved with her visual processing and concentration far beyond my expectations. I never expected such results in only 3 months time. Her grades for the most recent marking period have been her best ever in school. She is well ahead of her classmates and I intend to keep her on Acer reader for the remainder of her schooling."
Steven Hill, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

"I wanted to let you know that your program ACE READER PRO has been a great help to me. I have been able to increase my reading speed from less than 250 WPM to over 650 WPM. I purchased the program when I was in my second year of law school. Reading faster with greater comprehension helped me finish my law school homework in a timely manner and was especially helpful in getting me through the bar exam. I have used other speed reading programs but I like the Ace Reader the most. Some of the other programs have canned reading. I like the Ace Reader better because you can read any material as long as you can get it on your computer's clipboard. The results from your Program are fantastic. I plan to practice more speed reading, my goal is to read 1500 WPM or more. Thanks again for your great program."
Jon Dowat, Attorney at Law, Aurora, IL, USA.

"Ace Reader is terrific. My daughter was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability when she was 12 or 13. Her disability causes her brain to read the signals from her eyes differently than another child. Ace Reader was recommended by her doctor and therapists as part of her therapy. She had undergone vision therapy and computerized perceptual therapy. When she started with Ace she was reading at 89 words per minute while her 'normal' peers were reading at 204 words per minute. After a year or so of Ace she is reading at 152 words per minute (her peers are still at 204). Her doctors were very impressed! So am I. Ace is easy to use and the tech. support is terrific! It is sooooo worth the cost."
Tami from Chesterfield, MO, USA.

"My son has learning disabilities. He has been a notoriously slow reader all his life (currently in 8th grade). We have worked with reading specialists at his school and I have worked for years with him at home with little progress. I purchased the Ace Reader Pro right before Christmas vacation last year as yet another attempt to help him. On his first test (the 1st day of Christmas vacation) he scored 159 words per minute. He worked 30 minutes per day for 10 days straight. On the 10th day his reading speed had doubled to over 300 wpm. He only has time to work on it over weekends now but he has progressed to over 400 wpm. The most important part of this story is that he is volunteering to read out loud in school and has improved his test scores in several classes. He is by no means an outstanding student now but he has a lot more confidence than he had 3 months ago. Thank you for your help in improving a child's life."
Steve Wagner, Germantown, WI, USA.

"AceReader is still the single most important academic tool I have ever purchased including both my undergraduate and post graduates degrees. I only wish I had it while I was in school. Thank you for making reading the most efficient and entertaining medium for attaining information."
Professor Ken Ward of American Intercontinental University in Los Angeles, USA

"I have been using your application constantly over the last 2 years with very good results to ramp up my speed before reading a paper text. I went from a 250 wpm reader to about 1100 wpm. Thanks again."
Bryan W. Kornele, Oklahoma, USA.

"I have watched this program go through some wonderful transformations since my first purchase ten years ago, and this will be my third upgrade! The current push for higher scores on our standardized reading tests as well as state curriculum based fluency testing is putting more pressure on teachers than I have ever seen in my twenty years as an elementary teacher. This program has never let me down. I have used it with students in first through fourth grades and customized it to meet the needs of each child. Some students need the complete course in order to make progress. Others, just need the push that the timed scrolling of lines provides. During the years my son would walk over from the Jr. High to my school to wait for a ride home, he would get on the program and play the flash games for fun. He was already a good reader, but I was amazed at how his own speed and accuracy improved. I wouldn't hesitate to utilize this program if I were to work with older students or in an adult literacy program. The eye span training provides the physical strength that eyes need for seeing more than just a few words at a time. Combined with this, the timed readings, and comprehension exercises have been a key factor in the improvement of reading skills, and more importantly, the self-confidence students need to hang in there and stay motivated to improve and believe in their abilities to succeed. When the progress graphs are printed out and posted, my students get very excited! With the addition of the vocabulary component on this new version and the ability to put this program on my student computers and train my fourth graders to use it independently, I anticipate further growth for all students, not just the ones I work with individually in my private tutoring. Thank you again for your help. Ace Reader will continue to be my "secret weapon" for guiding student success and for battling my own standardized test stress!"
Dawn Marie McCrea, Boise Idaho, USA.

"I just want to tell you that I have continually improved as a result of using AceReader Pro. I am reading much faster than I ever have on both the web and print material such as books and magazines. Thanks much for your product."
Stanley Baker, Edison, NJ, USA.

"I have taken brand name courses on speed reading, and none of them improved my speed and comprehension as quickly as AceReader did. Using it every day not only saves me time reading articles on the computer, it has tripled my speed in all my reading. Thanks, AceReader!"
Steve Willson, Illinois, USA.

"AceReader is an exceptionally well thought-out and well executed program. The benefits have made themselves apparent in only a few days. I'd consider it an indispensable tool for improving reading speed at any age, and an excellent value."
Lee Crawford, California, USA.

"I have been teaching for 28 years, and I think AceReader is a superb program. If you don't mind I will put a link to the AceReader web site from our school's web site as a recommended program."
Peter Kaslik, Toronto Ontario, Canada.

"I wish that everyone knew just how great this program is for children with visual perception, dyslexia, or other problem.  Now with the auditory help, even children with audio perception problems will benefit from the program. Now that my daughter has the ability to sound out words, I know that we will be able to use this program to increase her word perception and speed. I purchased the program last year and am very pleased. I am mentioning this program to all of the homeschool groups that I think would love to know about your program. I am most likely going to purchase the voice add on program. I do want to thank you for developing a program that we can use at home. We would not be able to afford the visual perception help at a visual facility. I also plan to contact our county school district to inform them of this program. Keep making these tools, they are needed! A proud mom of a reading dyslexic child!"
Sharon Yarbrough, South Carolina, USA.

Interactive Information wrote: "Being in charge of software selection for a school district is a big chore. Our schools reading scores were down very badly and we were searching for a solution through adding software. We found AceReader on the Web and tried the demo version. It took only a few minutes to come to a decision to purchase it. Since using it daily on a computer with 4th-8th grade students, we see a HUGE improvement in only a 2 week period. By using this piece of software we can see immediately by charting the graphs just how each student is doing and this is recorded as actual grades in the Reading Teacher's grade book. Another nice feature is that you can use this on one stand alone computer and it goes so quickly you can get a lot of students on it and tested in a short period of time."
Kevin Gallion, Illinois, USA.

"I wanted to add my testimonial for the AceReader program. Two years ago, I added the AceReader program as a supplement for my Reading for Success classes. My college developmental reading students are improving their reading speeds. In the past, I've only had a few students that could reach the class goal of 250 wpm with 80 percent comprehension. Now, my students are averaging 600 wpm with 80-100% comprehension. Many of the students play multiple games because that is already something they enjoy doing. For the last three years, we have also offered a transferable class: Speed Reading. Our students consistently talk about how much they have improved and enjoy the class. Many students end up with over 1000 wpm."
Sharon Taylor, Reading Specialist & Assistant Professor of English, Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs , WY, USA.

"The advantages of the program, as I see it, are: the ability to control the number and width of lines of text that can be displayed on the screen at one time, the ability to control the reading speed, and the fact that it has text at various levels of difficulty. All these will strengthen the ability of someone to improve their ability to read on or offline. There are additional advantages, such as the ability to add your own text, control color and font sizes, graphing of correct answers, etc. Finally, I have looked around at other programs (including seeing a $20,000 IBM reading lab that basically does the same thing) and I can assure you that this is a bargain."
Elias Vlanton, Maryland, USA.

"My son has always been a slow reader and I have tried everything I knew possible to try to help him. Larger books just overwhelmed him and he just didn't enjoy reading. Reading slow made it difficult for him to hold his interest in the story. Therefore, trying to get him to complete a book was like pulling teeth. Discouraged with the progress he was making in the public school system, I made the decision to remove him in 6th grade and began home schooling. During October of last year, I stumbled across AceReader Pro on the internet and order the program. Within a few weeks, my son's reading speed increased from 150 wpm to 350 wpm. I can't tell you how that increased his confidence in himself. Before my son would choose books to read by how many pages it had, not what the context was. After working with AceReader Pro, he took on the novel "The Icewind Dale Trilogy" written by R.A. Salvatore, totaling 1032 pages! It took him two weeks to complete the book! Now he enjoys reading and is not turned off by how thick a book is. One of the other wonderful benefits I have seen has been on his reading comprehension score on the standardized test. My son has always done excellent on the math section of the test, but would get stressed on the reading comprehension section. Because he read so slowly, he would always run out of time and would not be able to complete this section of the test. Well, we just finish taking the IOWA Test two weeks ago, and he never felt better. For the first time, in all of his years of taking standardized test, he finished all the stories, within the time limit, and felt confident that he did well. Using AceReader Pro, I am happy to say that my son has progressed nicely during his 7th grade year and we are looking forward to reading many more interesting books in the future. Thank you AceReader Pro, you have been a blessing to us."
Vicky Stephens, homeschool family, Parkland, Florida, USA.

"I thought you might be interested in knowing what your reading programs have meant to me. At age 76, I'm probably not your typical user. As a child I had bad eyes, and we didn't realize it until the 6th grade, and by then I had terrible reading habits.I told my high school English teacher that I needed help reading, and he scoffed at the idea, as I was making good grades. Finally my last semester in college I found a professor to help me, but by the time I was beginning to improve I graduated, and that was the end of it. Since then I've tried a dozen or so reading programs, and none has helped until I lucked up on yours. My reading is still slow by comparison with others, but I made a quantum leap when I quit pronouncing words to myself. I have felt a drive to read all my adult life to try to learn more, mostly theology and history, neither of which improves speed. I'm now reading about three times as many books as I ever did before, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I only wish it had happened years ago."
Mr. William A Dixon, Belmont, NC, USA.

"Just wanted you guys to know, you have a most affective process/product. I have recommended Ace Reader to at least 90 people in the last 3 weeks. Why we aren't using this product in our Public School systems more I don't know. We will be ordering the product this month for my birthday.... and we can't wait. My guys even voluntarily are contributing money from their allowances to make sure it happens. Again, can't thank you enough for a most valuable asset to our lives... literally. Thanks"
Lonnie Wiens, I.T. Prof. I, State of Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado, USA.

"You shouldn't be shy about sitting at the top of the alphabetical list, because your program is worthy of it. I also like the new, larger screen. AceReader increased my reading speed considerably, within the first week, and improvement is still going on. I have been working with it mainly as a memorizing device, especially for repeating longer strings of memorizable material, over and over while gradually increasing the speed from time to time. Changing the fonts, colors, speed, number of letters displayed, breaks the monotony of repetition, and enhances memory by presenting different views of the same text. AceReader memorizing sessions are efficient, and creative fun as you find your own new ways of using this simple and user friendly software to enhance the learning process. So with your permission, I have put a link to AceReader on my site, so people may use it to study the books that they can download from there."
Yanis Dambergs Ph.D., Quebec, Canada.

"I am thoroughly pleased with my new tool, and have been outspoken about it to my friends ever since my wife ordered it for me. (yes, I wore out my 30 day demo first....:-) Terrific concept, and adaptable to your own personal reading preferences. Congratulations to the creator's of the program. In my small opinion, you did a wonderful job."
David Dundale, Georgia, USA.

"I am a Research Officer working for Derwentside District Council in North East England. Part of my job involves reading such publications as government circulars on the Internet. Although they contain important information they are not the most interesting documents to read. I have found that by using 'AceReader' I can read and extract the relevant information from these documents in one third of the time it took me using conventional reading techniques (and I was not a slow reader before). I have now expanded my use of AceReader to anything in computer-readable format. I would recommend AceReader to anyone."
Jim Coxon, CO. Durham, UK.

"I really appreciate the quality of AceReader, and all the benefits it brings to my work day. As a software developer, I do a LOT of online reading to keep up with the industry, and your software has given me the ability to take in that information more quickly. My wife is just finishing her doctorate in rehabilitation psychology, and has read some of the research on speed reading and methods such as AceReader. When she told me that retention can actually increase when reading like this, I couldn't wait to find good software. I was very pleased to find that your software is such a price/performance value! After a few days of use, I'm quite thrilled with AceReader... I'm reading most of my email and LOTS of web pages at 600+ words per minute. I've also recommended the program quite heartily to almost everyone I know!"
Dennis Deery, Illinois, USA.

"...There has recently been another product ( EyeQ ) which has been advertised on TV, but I really like AceReader Deluxe because of features it offers for my entire family. Each member uses it to improve their reading speed and keep track of their progress and improvement. I like the eye exercises that makes it more fun than work for my kid and I. Thank again..."
Arthur Jasso, Wisconsin, USA.

"I've constantly increased my rapid reading skills during the past six years and now, thanks to AceReader, I can use effectively these techniques also on my computer screen. By the way I've downloaded and used several other products and AceReader is the only one which enable me to create my own tests in Italian."
Andrea Bianchi, Milano, Italy.

"I have tried other speedreaders but this one is the best I've seen and is also inexpensive. I have already recommended this program to people on on their cfs/fm page and plan to tell "RISE" a Can. gov't funded program for handicapped people."
Peter Brown, ON, Canada.

"I find that reading faster is helping in graduate school. Your speed reader is easy to use and allows me to read the materials that I need to study for class. I am sure that using your program will help me get better grades. I liked being able to download the program so that I could get it immediately. Thanks for having a good service."
Randy Hobson, Illinois, USA.

"Thanks for replying so quickly. Not only do you guys have an outstanding product but you also back it up with amazing customer service. I wish everyone in business was as customer service oriented as you."
Jonathan Smithson, ON, Canada.

Two weeks after Steve purchased AceReader he wrote:
"I love the product. I have already increased my reading speed by about 100 wpm. What a time saver! I have recommended it to anyone that talks about needing to read lots of material. One happy customer."
Steven Judd, Oklahoma, USA.

"Best program on the market! As a speed reading specialist, I highly recommend Ace Reader. It has wonderfully easy self-evaluation tools and plenty of self-testing material to keep you challenged for a long time. Many people use it as a way to challenge their eyes and brain to learn to pick up more information quickly. The developer is always looking for ways to make the program more user-friendly and has created a great system for breaking the reader out of bad habits by forcing the reader to double and then triple their on-screen speed and to then go to a speed higher than where they started. This works very well for proving to people that they CAN read faster and that this program can help them do it. I personally use the program to force feed me long documentation I need to read on screen. I recommend Ace Reader because I think it is the best speed reading software available today."
Abby Marks-Beale, Wallingford, CT, USA.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate this product. I first got it for my kids, but started working on it myself a few weeks ago, and it has already gotten me a promotion because I can get more done in less time."
CJ Looney, Jonesboro, AR, USA.

"Most comprehensive speed reading software. I am a speed reading training instructor and have used Ace Reader myself for the past few years. I also recommend it to all of my students as the best speed reading software on the market. It is comprehensive, flexible and easy to use. My kids use it and have seen speed increases and really love the word games. I highly recommend this program."
Pam Mullan, Red Creek, NY, USA.

"An excellent tool. I teach speed reading and reading improvement; this is the second year I have used this program with my students. I find that the students who focus on the program increase their reading speed...most double their speed, and some triple their speed. They enjoy the word games, as well. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to read faster and better comprehend what they read."
Deanna Fleck, Edmond, OK, USA.

"Workouts for your reading muscles. Using AceReader is an epiphany experience. It teaches you speed reading by example. Just practice and it will suddenly "click" for you and you will discover on your own how to read faster and read phrases instead of words and lines instead of phrases. To those users who don't like it, don't expect the product to "do it for you." You must have the attitude of wanting to learn to read faster rather than thinking the program will take all responsibility for learning off your hands."
Tom R. Wallace, San Antonio, TX, USA.

"The best speed reading software available. Improving your reading skills is not an easy task. It requires mastering the correct techniques, discarding the bad reading habits and lots and lots of practice. One needs a lot of patience, willpower and technology to succeed. There are hundreds of books that teach speed-reading. But the books are not suitable for everybody, as it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to read through those books, do the exercises and practice what is written in the books. Also in most cases once you have read the book, you will keep it aside and forget all about speed-reading. What we need is something that is handy, that is always at hand and something that can be used whenever we want. It is in this scenario the usefulness of a speed-reading software program becomes evident. Studies have revealed that your reading speed on the print media is higher than what you can achieve on the screen. So by training on the computer for higher reading speeds you are gaining two things--the capability to read the on-line material faster and the capability to read the print material even faster! As a researcher and Industrial engineer, I specialize on productivity improvement methods and devices. I have tried and tested many speed-reading programs. But AceReader Pro helps to improve your reading speed (both online and offline) much faster and with lesser effort. Its ergonomic design, the intelligent user-interface (for example, the program will prompt you to choose the optimum screen settings for each task, if you have not chosen them correctly), and well-written user guide (and on-line help), all helps the user to gain control of his/her speed-reading training much faster than any other program. This is a software program that should be a permanent fixture in your computer as it can deliver dramatic improvements in your productivity and efficiency."
Alexis Leon, Cochin, Kerala, India.

"A little patience pays off........ I would advise anyone interested in improving their reading speed and comprehension to purchase this program. I used it on a regular basis for about a month and I am more than satisfied with the results. A reading that used to take me around an hour now can easily be accomplished in under 15 minutes while maintaining the same level of comprehension. Use it on a regular basis for about a week and you will notice very dramatic results in your reading skills if you are willing to put in the time. It is the best solution thus far since, to my knowledge, there is not a program as of yet that can magically implant the ability to speedread in your mind without you working with it."
Jason A Murphy, Gainesville, FL, USA.

"Excellent product -- well worth the $! I tried out AceReader and then HAD to buy it. It helped me read through material SO much more quickly. My only wish is that more textbooks were sold electronically because I could save so much time getting through all my reading. It has improved my reading speed, but unless I'm reading a novel or a newspaper, I much prefer using the software to read online. Great technical support too, which I needed when I first licensed my free version. Congratulations on developing such a great program! I love it!"
Lisa E Neufeld, British Columbia, Canada.

"Before I stumbled upon ace reader pro, I was sputtering along at a sub-par 250wpm and would find myself mentally exhausted within a few pages into reading a book. After using your software, I saw a noticable improvement after a few sessions. Two years later I now read and comprehend well at 1200 words per minute and can blaze through books in days instead of weeks or months. If I ever had a problem, the friendly and helpfull support staff were on hand to assist me with whatever I need. I would highly recommend this software to anyone who wishes to improve there reading ability and word comprehension."
Linnex Miles, Plano, Texas, USA.

"Thank you for your quote for the new version of Ace Reader. I am a media specialist and I am the designated purchaser of software applications with educational purposes for my school. Rarely do I find such a powerful piece of software at such an affordable price. I have yet to experience version 5, but I have to share with you the impact of the one that we purchased three years ago to begin with. With the comprehension tests and the viewing of test results, students have a greater sense of their strengths and weaknesses concerning reading and teachers are able to focus more individually on their progress. Many readers read too fast and don't comprehend; others read too slowly. With AceReader, no longer does a teacher have to address fluency if that is not the challenge to a student. The drills increase the skill of chunking and pacing in a very concrete manner, and as for the games, they're very engaging. Even a child who claims to "hate" reading loves a video game. Our school has met AYP every year since implementing AceReader and we have even incorporated the program into our School Improvement Plan because it has proven to be so reliable. So thank you to Stepware for devising an easy to install, use and affordable software that makes a difference in literacy."
Isabelle Leger, Media Specialist, NBCPT, Pembroke Pines Charter Schools, Fl, USA.

"Our population is a tough one. We have one of the few full time adult high school programs for people 16 and over, and we offer GED/ABE prep classes. We also have a large ESOL population. About half of our students have dropped out or have been kicked out of a K-12 program. Their motivation ranges from low to average. (There are of course exceptions). Most of our software targets areas needed to pass the FCAT or GED. We have Rosetta Stone mainly for ESOL students. Although my higher level ESOL students have benefited from AceReader. I sought out AceReader Pro because I saw that so many of our students have concentration/focusing problems. It is the only program that addresses these basic physical deficits of the inefficient reader. Because the exercises are so engaging, even the least motivated student responds positively to it. Motivated students love it and have shown amazing progress in a short time. All of the students enjoy the eye span games which are especially productive because they force the students to focus on the printed word. What I particularly like about it is that the framework can be used to add new content. In other words, teachers can easily put their content material (reading/vocabulary particular to their subject matter) into the program. Anyway, I really love the program. Our school district has spent a lot of money on software that I, quite frankly, think was a waste of money. Software companies are always coming up with programs that look "pretty" but are mostly just that. That they actually accomplish anything substantive is questionable. AceReader is a robust software that is relatively inexpensive--worth every cent."
Diane Kambos, South Dade Adult Educ Ctr 7702, Homestead, FL, USA.

"ACEREADER REALLY WORKS! My twelve year old requested this product and loves it. He practices and times his comprehension and speed each day. Great way to encourage more reading for pleasure!"
L. Ryan, Boston, MA, USA.

"Amazing product, works well on children. I purchased this product after seeing it being used in a local private school curriculum. My son started using this program and really likes to see his advancements. My son was frustrated at first as he thought some of the drills were too difficult, however, as he practiced more and more he enjoyed trying to beat the drills. My son's reading speed has gone from 96 wpm to 524 wpm after 2 weeks. The whole session takes a good 30 minutes to complete. My son is 6 and is in first grade and he is now breezing through chapter books with good comprehension."
Tracy L. Wells, USA.

"Acereader is great, and over the years it has been my pleasure to do business with you. You always go the extra mile, for example in this case sending me a new set of ATTVoiceAdd-on CD's even after telling me how to correct the problem, using my current CD's. So again think you for having such a great product and superior customer support."
Steve W. Shotwell, Southfield, MI, USA.

"I've been using AceReader at least 5 years now. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with it. I have a hard time reading long web articles on-screen. Pasting them into AceReader not only relieves my eyes, it gets the job done faster as a bonus."
Edward Baker, Norfolk, MA, USA. (Testimonaial 1 of 3).

The following testimonial is a 2nd testimonial given by the previous customer after 7 years of using the program:
"I just wanted to take a moment to give you some kudos on AceReader. I've been using it for I don't know how long. It's been at least 7 years. I'd be lost without it. My main use is reading articles on web-sites. I don't know why, but I find on-screen reading more difficult than printed text. And, I love reading the editorials on web-sites like Investors Business Daily and various new sites. I'd only read a fraction of what I do without AceReader."
Edward Baker, Woburn, MA, USA. (Testimonial 2 of 3).

The following testimonial is a 3rd testimonial given by the previous customer after 10 years of using the program:
"I've been a user of AceReader for ten years. I couldn't be happier with the product and consider it my number one, time saving, application. I have to read countless emails and pieces of documentation in my job and AceReader helps makes it manageable. I also enjoy reading news editorials on the web, without AceReader I wouldn't be able to read a fraction of them. I just set AceReader to 300 wpm, set up some punctuation delays in the options and hit the 'play' button. It's like watching a word movie."
Edward Baker, Thompson, CT, USA. (Testimonial 3 of 3).

"Using Acereader on a daily basis, you can enhance your learning and greatly reduce the time you spend on regular reading. It's not just the fact that Acereader can transform your life in unexpected ways that excites me. It's also that Acereader enhances creativity, memory skills and in particular forges new territory. Like the body the brain needs exercise. And Stepware, the well known software producer has shown again with their recent release 5.0 how we can do that. Acereader appears to be a natural step forward in the evolution of human reading skills."
Marc Schroder, Managing Director telecoms, Staffordshire, Germany/UK.

"AceReader is the most amazing and comprehensive reading program I've tried to date. I started using it September last year and just hit 550 WPM, twice what I was reading. That's a gift for both my professional and personal life. As an adult with ADHD and learning differences, reading has been a real struggle. And with my insatiably curious mind, frustrating. I'm an information hound, with tons of books unread. In the past few weeks, with the scanning skill I've developed, I've sifted through my collection and found the true gems. The local thrift store will be happy with the dozens of books I'm donating. The rest I've begun to really enjoy. Many thanks to the developers of AceReader."
Cathy Jantzen, LISW ACC, Montezuma, NM, USA.

"This software has definitely helped me increase the number of words I read per minute. The tests are useful and I particularly like being able to paste e-books into the reader which allows me to practice while reading a story that interests me. Customer service has always been outstanding. I had a problem (user error) when I initially tried to activate the paid version and received prompt and accurate assistance. Four years later after my laptop crashed and I didn't have a backup copy of the software, support at AceReader had me back up and reading almost minutes after I emailed them."
David D Johnson, Atlanta, GA, USA.

"I want to thank you so much for Ace Reader. My son has struggled with reading all his life. He is 14 now, when he was 11 we found he had a problem with double vision that could not be corrected with glasses. He went through several months of therapy and for the next school year we purchased Ace Reader. It picked up where the therapy had left off. He enjoyed the daily application and has increased in speed, but more importantly, his confidence in reading has been bolstered from 0 to 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. We are deeply grateful for your contribution to his well being and look forward to great things. Thank you so very much."
Jennie Salinas-home school Mom, Iva, SC, USA.

"Of AceReader's multiple rich resources for developing the reading skills of children with 'problems' (including the older ones whose home language is not English) I make most use of the invaluable comprehension selection cut/paste facility. It allows me to produce material that interests and entertains -- always a predominant concern. I am able to base my reading selections on local content, so avoiding the sometimes-added difficulties created by foreign historical or geographical references. I easily change the name of hero or heroine in a story to a particular student's name - a powerful motivating device. It is also easy to tweak the content so that the material is within required levels; a particular selection can be modified and provide a 'template' that saves me a good deal of writing time. Finally, as their competence and confidence develops, I can provide incentives for my students by encouraging them to become 'Ace Readers'. This is a most elegant reading-teaching tool. Children actually ask for their AceReader exercises and discuss them with their parents and friends. The observable transfer of skills into the formal schooling environment is my personal reward."
Athol Desmond, Howick, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

"I've used Ace Reader for many years, first as a reading tutor and then as a classroom teacher. In my previous district I used it successfully with both my college bound readers and those students who were reading years below their grade placement. It's a great program that's easy to learn and that yields results. One of the things I love the most is that it promotes a healthy competition. Students will always try to beat their last score/time and in some cases will even get a good natured competition going with their peers. They don't realize that everyone wins."
Ramona Lowe, NBCT; AIS Secondary Literacy; Curriculum, Assessment & Instructional Servies; Lewisville ISD, Texas, USA.

"I am currently the data coach (assessment person) and ELA department chair at my school. I left the classroom after 12 years with hopes of affecting ALL the children on my campus rather than just my 6-graders. I was introduced to Ace Reader Pro by our reading specialist at the time, Ramona Lowe. I became an instant fan after watching the reaction and focus of the kids. I used it initially as part of my after-school tutoring. The kids would have 15-20 minutes to work on specific things. They loved the competition among each other and they did not realize how much they were learning until I began to conference with them on their tracking sheets. They were just putting the information on the paper and trying to quickly get to the next module or level. Once we began to look at their fluency growth and their growth in speed, they became obsessed with beating each other in that area as well. They really enjoyed knowing how many words they could read. I noticed a significant growth in the fluency and comprehension of the students. The modules that dealt with hand/eye coordination was significant in teaching them that it was more important to get more right at a slower pace rather than having a faster pace with more wrong. I used this as the model for taking their time on their paper tests and their writing compositions. Although I am no longer in the classroom, I am still a huge advocate for your program. I am adding it to the list of things for our teachers to use for tutoring as well as a station in class when they use rotating stations. "
Jacqueline Jones; Student Achievement Data Coach; ELA Department Chair; Delay Middle School; Lewisville ISD, TX, USA.

"ACE READER, As a middle aged business owner there are never enough hours in the day. Keeping up with reading is one of the first things to suffer. After only a short time with the "ACE READER" I've been able to more than triple my reading speed! I comfortably make it through a daily newspaper, 20 or more magazines and a book or two every month. I've tried several other reading programs, and ACE READER clearly is the leader. It is no wonder why this outstanding program is chosen by so many school systems and training programs. What a pleasure it is to look forward to and savor the reading experience. It is really terrific to be in charge of your life and on top of things once again. Thanks again ACE READER."
Raymond C Berry, Business owner/Chicago, USA.

"I use the AceReader for Mac. I have taken the Montgomery County Maryland Map-R Reading Test at Parkland Middle School in sixth and seventh grade, but I did not do too well. I then decided to use AceReader to help with my reading skills. I recently took the test again after using AceReader for 2 weeks and I was finally able to improve my score from 218 to 234. I'm convinced that AceReader made the difference. My teacher was ecstatic and recommended me for Honors English 9 for 9th grade and my mom is very proud of me. I recommend AceReader for any person that wants to improve their reading skills."
Hilario Morales, Silver Spring, MD, USA.

"I want to thank you for the truly exceptional customer support with which you recently provided me. The warmth and diligence of that support exceeds most any other I've experienced in my 25 years as an end-user of software. Just to recount briefly what happened... AceReader worked just fine on my Mac until a few weeks ago, when it refused to launch. You were good enough to offer a refund, but also attentive enough to walk patiently through the process of debugging my problem. It turned out that the glitch was not with AceReader at all(!), but rather a problem with my OS X installation. Still, you put together a workaround that enabled me to run AceReader once again. I'm left with the best possible impression of Stepware. I'm confident that AceReader is reliable, and even more confident that the people behind the software are reliable. If there's a problem--you are there to provide first-class support. I am one very satisfied customer!"
Alan Rathe, Pastor, Queens Christian Alliance Church, Flushing, NY, USA.

"I just wanted to let you know how I have been doing since getting AceReader Pro Deluxe about 9 months ago. I just LOVE it! I am a prolific reader.....I guess I had to be since I discovered I was the slowest reader in my family! I love reading and am very curious, usually reading 3-6 books on different subjects at any time. Not only has my reading speed increased 300%, but I have become a bit of an evangelist on the wonders and huge benefits of speed reading. You see, I have an 11 year old son, who is entering middle school next year at a very challenging school in Austin, Texas. I have calculated that by getting his reading speed up to around 900wpm, he can cut about an hour of reading time every DAY! This allows him more time for friends, sports, of even watching a little TV. One last thing.......the Amazon Kindle is THE most incredible device to really turbo charge your speed reading. The ergonomics of the 3" wide text area and adjustable fonts allow me to FLY thru books at over 1000 wpm. A few months back I even wrote them a 2-3 page email telling them how 'perfect' the Kindle is for speed reading and how, using software, could really enable speed reading to flourish. If you enjoy speed reading, you will LOVE speed reading on the Kindle. After all, once you have downloaded about 25 books, the Kindle is effectively FREE due to the approximate $10.00 per book savings! Bottom line, get AceReader Pro Deluxe and a will not be disappointed!"
Robert Rostohar, Austin, TX, USA.

"It is still very early days, but having completed our first week of using AceReader Pro, my two kids and I are all really happy. The kids (10 and 11) are both enjoying it, especially as they can see the positive effect it is having on their reading. My daughter (10) has astigmatism and is an exceptionally slow, though able, reader (102 wpm), but this week she has loved watching her speed increase to over 140 wpm still with full comprehension. My son's speed has gone from 240 to over 300 and his comprehension has increased from 75 to 100. Our opthalmologist is delighted we are doing the course and expects is to help in many ways. Also your customer support is excellent, so many thanks indeed. "
Claudia Ives, London, UK.

"I live in the heart of Africa where it can be quite a hassle to find people who have the expertise to help you when facing troubles with Software programs. The help desk of Acereader assisted me twice, both times in a truly friendly and professional way. They worked fast, gave solutions which were easy to understand and showed me that they care for their customers. I give them five out of five stars!!"
Adriaan, Kigali, Rwanda.

"Thanks for the help and the great customer service. I could not be happier with your company. My reading has already improved and I plan to recommend this product to everyone I know. I've been practicing for about ten days and have increased my reading speed by about 85 words per minute. I am also starting to pick up three words at a time as I read...instead of one. And, the weirdest part is that I am starting to understand what I read without hearing the words spoken in my head. I was sitting in the doctors office yesterday, waiting to be called, and nocked off thirty pages from a book. I didn't believe it at first and had to recount."
Sean Campbell, San Diego, CA, USA.

The following testimonial was provided by a customer that used our program and then returned to purchase an upgrade five years later: "We bought "Ace Reader Pro" to improve our children's reading abilities, within about 6 months of using the program our oldest daughter who was 8 at the time was reading 150 to 200 page books in a day. She is 12 now and has read several hundred books. Our oldest son is 10 and has been using the program with similar results. The program has not only improved our children's reading abilities but has also strengthened their desire to read. We have had such positive results with it that we have made it an integral part of our home school curriculum."
Terry Hardman, Piedmont, OK, USA.

"AceReader Pro - Wonderful In Every Way! My wife and I started using AceReader Pro Deluxe back in 2002. We were so immediately impressed with its potential that we purchased a couple of copies for some family members. In a short time after using AceReader, our reading speeds had easily doubled and our reading comprehension had improved. It has helped me overcome the two common problems that slow most people down, "subvocalization" and "regression".We have kept our AceReader current throughout the past eight years. We now have AceReader Pro Deluxe 7, the most recent version. It's loaded with many new features. The customer service is EXCELLENT! AceReader is really the best and has no competition. But as great as AceReader is, it's the wonderful customer service that keeps us coming back!"
Matthew Kolat, Beaver Falls, PA, USA.

"As the Speed Reading Training Coordinator for Certified Learning Centers, I have not only evaluated the AceReader Pro software, but I have heard back from students and Instructors alike that the program is a hit! It is easy to use, reinforces all the techniques we teach in class, it is a lot of fun, and it is by far the most comprehensive reading program available. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their reading."
Kareem Dixon, Certified Learning Centers, Silver Spring, MD, USA.

"As the parent of a son with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) we are thrilled with your AceReader Pro program. We asked our son how he feels he has benefitted from the program. He listed the following ways: He no longer subvocalizes the words as he reads. This enables him to organize facts efficiently. He finds the passages interesting-often intriguing. He often shares what he has learned with us. It has also improved his concentration. These are huge issues for someone with serious brain injuries and they have achieved levels of improvements we could not have accomplished without the use of this program. Although all brain injuries are different with different problems, we would highly recommend that parents investigate the benefits of this program for their loved one who struggles with learning and reading problems, no matter the cause."
Ann Stephens, Ogden, UT, USA.

"Reading is an essential part of my personal and professional life. I have a huge amount of material to read for professional reasons. I discovered AceReader on the Web nearly 12 years ago and it instantly became an important tool for me since it has helped me improve my reading habits, both in terms of speed and comprehension. AceReader allows you to read almost any existing digital text and it also allows you to establish the speed settings, either for training yourself at your own pace or for reading materials that require different levels of focus and attention. AceReader is easy and enjoyable to use. A few days ago I was reading a long document that I was required to read aloud. Suddenly I noticed that I was not speaking the words as I read them. Actually, I was reading entire phrases and found myself reciting full sentences aloud that I had already grabbed into my brain. It was probably the first time that I realized how the reading habits developed thanks to AceReader had become part of me. I began using AceReader in Spanish, my native language. However, I discovered that I have also improved my reading habits in English. With commitment, practice and AceReader as my training tool, I have become a much better reader both on and off the computer. I am so thankful that I found this program."
Dr. Carlos A. Gabuardi, Ph.D, Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

"As an educational therapist, I use a variety of different approaches and programs with struggling readers. My students not only enjoy using Ace Reader but look forward to it!"
Jarrett Zuckerman, M.S., ET/P, Torrance, CA, USA.

"Ace Reader Pro Deluxe is a great program to help increase your reading speed and comprehension. I looked at many different programs before selecting Ace Reader. It has helped my children increase their reading speed and comprehension. It used to be painful to listen to my sons read out loud. After using Ace Reader, they now read out loud with ease. I still have my 8th grader work on Ace Reader for a half hour per day. I use Ace Reader to help increase my reading speed. It really works. Whether you are looking to increase your own reading speed and comprehension or to help your children excel, I would highly recommend investing in Ace Reader, you'll receive a great return on your investment. (The customer service is a 10 - always prompt, courteous and helpful). Don't delay, buy today!"
John S. Low, Long Beach, CA, USA.

"I purchased AceReader Pro Deluxe a couple years ago. It is one of my best purchases. I found the software invaluable in my quest to improve my reading speed, comprehension and concentration. My mind used to wander when I read. After using the program for a couple of months, I found my concentration and speed improve tremendously. The program also has a lot of different features which allows a user to customize the way they want to improve their reading speed. The thing I am most impressed with the company is their customer service. I found the support person most helpful and friendly. Since I purchased my software, I had to reformat my hard drive and also upgrade my computer. Both times the technical support person got back with me right away and allowed me to move my program to my new systems. You can't go wrong getting AceReader Pro if you want to improve your reading skills. I also believe this program can be helpful to students with attention deficit problem. A devoted AceReader Pro customer from Vermont."
P. Yee, Essex Junction, VT, USA.

"I am a University professor and have used the Ace Reader with my students for over ten years to assess and improve their reading skills. I know first-hand that speed reading techniques work since I increased my reading speed from 350 words per minute to 1000 words per minute when I was in college. I have found that Ace Reader is a great program for teaching these skills and not only improves their reading skills but is also useful to help keep their reading skills sharp. Thanks for providing a great product. I also want to thank you for the great support over the years."
David Burbidge, Professor Business Administration, California State University Montery Bay, CA, USA.

"Since the foundation for learning in all subjects and all professions is reading, the possibilities are endless for the person who reads well. As a sixth grade teacher, I want to do everything I can to make sure life's opportunities are open to my students. Their reading levels vary from third through twelfth grades, which means that individualizing classroom experiences can be challenging. I also know from research and personal experience that reading speed impacts all other facets of reading. AceReader software is a practical tool that allows me to individualize reading practice. My students increase their reading speeds and comprehension, and they look forward to their AceReader turns in class. I know that using AceReader as a regular part of my reading program helps every student. Since the software is multi-level, I see AceReader software as a practical, effective tool to be used at many ages or ability levels."
Rebecca Cress, teacher, Santee, CA, USA.

"As a college student studying many hours a week, I can appreciate Ace Reader. Reading seemed to take forever and I often lost focus and had to reread many times just to get basic concepts. I hated reading, especially text books, and my grades would suffer because of it. After using this program, I now enjoy reading and can get through the long hours of studying that comes along with being in college saving me time and money."
Victor Coloroso, Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

"My daughter has severe learning disabilities. She did complete high school with a lot of support. But when she wanted to go to University into a trades program she failed the entrance exam. She got 34%. She was allowed to retake the exam. I got her Ace Reader and she worked on it for about 3 weeks, quite intensively. When she re-took the exam she got an 82%. It was the only thing she did different to improve her grade. I do wish I had let her work on this throughout her schooling. I am sure it would have improved her success. She is also speaking articulately and in detail now, which she did not do before. Thanks Ace Reader! "
Lynn Amaral, Aggassiz, British Columbia, Canada.

"Prior to Physician Assistant school I invested some time and money in Ace Reader Pro Deluxe. My increased reading speed and comprehension made me a much better prepared student and continues to pay dividends as I try to keep up with my journal reading."
Devin Hanson, PA-C, Pomeroy, WA, USA.

"I spent some time looking at different systems and finally decided on the AceReader family. I was planning on heading back to school and I was looking for something would be able to be loaded on multiple machines as well as a program that would allow me to drop in the material that I would need to read for class. The AceReader Pro is what I selected. After uploading I initially clocked my reading at 250 WPM. I have always been a slow reader and I was not entirely surprised by this measurement. After a month of working I was able to increase to 450 WPM. While I am happy with the results thus far I am continuing to work to see if I can almost double once again."
Andrew Haning, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

"I spent about 10 to 15 mins each night for about 3 weeks and my reading and comprehension ability improved many fold. It has helped me immensely at work, where in my position, it is not uncommon for me to receive and need to respond to over 200 emails on a given day. Acereader has enabled me to race through my emails, and allowed me to work on other more productive work activities. In addition, I read a lot of non-fiction business related books, and ace-reader has provided me the power to read books in a fraction of the time, whilst providing me a better understanding of their content. This has enabled me to better apply their principles. I love that i can upload my own files and practice on content that interests me. I highly highly recommend this product. Give it a try."
Dilhun Akpinar, Westmead, New South Wales, Australia.

"I am writing to speak about your product, AceReader. This is a fantastic program that has increased my reading comprehension and and speed dramatically and only after 2 weeks of use. I'm am taking the LSAT in a couple of weeks and highly recommend this product for those doing the same or for those whom just want to read faster and comprehend more clearly what they are reading. Thanks AceReader!!"
Matthew J. Godfrey, Dunwoody, GA, USA.

"I first purchased Ace Reader as a college student with the hope of increasing my reading speed. Through regular usage I increased my reading speed from an average of 250 words to around 600 words per minute. I was so pleased with the product that I purchased another license after I graduated and started my first teaching job. I installed the second license on my laptop and habitually rewarded some of my students by allowing them to play the reading games or read e-books of their choice. After time I noticed a significant improvement in my students speed and comprehension. What I was most impressed with, however was their long term increase in the quantity of their reading, a natural consequence of reading and understanding with ease, which guarantees a lifetime of continual improvement. After four years of teaching I became an academic librarian. I currently use the program both at work and at home as a supplement for our son, who we are homeschooling. At age seven our son is now an independent reader who consumes a variety of chapter books for pleasure. Over the past decade I have used Ace Reader as a student, a secondary school teacher, a Librarian, and as a homeschooler and I can truly say that Ace Reader is not just a beneficial program, but a sound educational investment."
Raphael Jackson, Reference Librarian, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA.

"If you are in the field of education, you may know that reading comprehension and inference are challenges for all teachers today. Most teachers have to teach 20 or 30 students the same thing at the same time when the class comprises at least 6 levels of ability. I believe I have finally found a solution to this challenge to keep all my students engaged in the learning process without losing precious instructional time. Two years ago I ordered one Ace Reader program for a computer in my classroom. I wanted to try this program with my students. This year I am ordering a 20 seat network version. I am a special education teacher, for students with reading and writing disabilities, in grades 7-12. Even with my 11 years of experience and a MS Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, it is difficult to work with students simultaneously at their individual level. As any teacher will tell you, there is always at least one student waiting for help and direction. With the Ace Reader Program, students can work on their individual level and see immediate results after reading and answering comprehension questions. The program also has eye exercises and vision games to increase the speed of seeing a word. I thought the older students would not be very cooperative, but they have been the excited about getting started every day. All teachers and parents are looking for their students to develop intrinsic motivation. With the Ace Reader Pro students now have control of their education and seem to be even more motivated than ever when it comes to reading. "
Patricia Rhoads, Special Education Teacher at Billings R-IV, Billings, MO, USA.

"I've been homeschooling for 15 years. My two older children used this program in middle & high school. I absolutely love this Ace Reader! As a homeschooling mom, I tend to look for things that will improve my children's education in an efficient & cost effective manner; programs that I can supplement their base subject's with that they can work on independently. Reading is the foundation for everything they do. It is extremely important. When I found this program, I was very excited. I felt it would meet all of my requirements & it did not disappoint! I have yet to see anything else like it on the market. My two oldest girls are now in college & both excelling. I feel this program was so beneficial that I am now implementing it with my 7th grader & will also use it with my youngest when she gets a little older. In addition to such a great program, the customer service is also fantastic! I bought this program several years ago and when I contacted customer service recently, they responded very quickly & answered all of my questions. What more can you ask for - A fantastic product with equally fantastic customer service at an affordable price! "
Paige Grace, homeschool mom, Mountain View, CA, USA.

"I purchased AceReader Deluxe nine years ago and then upgraded recently. I have found that this program has definitely assisted in my ability to read at least twice as fast, and comprehend more in the process! My favorite aspect of the program is the ability to Copy and Paste any text (whether it is from an email, website, Word document, or ebook etc.), into the program. Basically, if you can copy it, you can paste it into the program! Most importantly, I now have my kids using the program and have seen a very nice increase in their reading and comprehension abilities. I can recommend this program without reservation and look forward to the release of an iPad/Tablet version."
John B. Severna Park, MD, Millersville, Maryland, USA.

"We home school our six children and purchased the Ace Reader Pro Deluxe version a little over three yrs ago. The boys were 11,9,and 7 reading at around 150 wpm. now at 15 Daniel reads at 1000 wpm, Jordan 13 reads at 1300wpm, and Jeremy 11 reads at 900wpm. Mary just started at 7 years old and is at 250 wpm from starting out at 125 wpm. Our 4yr old and 2yr. old will have to wait a little longer. The course mode is structured and will not let them cheat and they will try. At first they said it was impossible to do but, I told them to just relax and do 20 minutes a day with no pressure. After that the competition began. This is a wonderful product and has given them the love of reading. They consume books and know things that I have not taught them. I also had trouble once when one of the boys ran out of tests at a certain level. I called support and was disappointed to get an answering machine but they called back the next day fixed the problem and added the extra test to the course mode at no charge. In all this is a great product."
Jim Sherey, Dallas, TX, USA.

"The newest version of AceReader presents an opportunity for me to thank you for this great product. I began using AceReader at the suggestion of my Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy homeschool advisor, but I continue because it works. We are a family that prefers reading over many pastimes, yet once again for the new school year my advisor recommends AceReader to improve reading comprehension and stamina for the next child who is now of age to benefit from the program. This will be a simple recommendation to follow as only a small amount of time each day for even one quarter brought great results for both of her older brothers as well as her sister. Thanks again!"
Alisa Hubbard, homeschooling mother of eight, Timberdoodle customer, Marinette, WI, USA.

From an article written up in the "Ask the Technology Experts" section of the Fall 1999 (Issue no. 41) "Search" newsletter put out by the National Brain Tumor Foundation.

Question: Gina is a 19-year-old college student who is having difficulty keeping up with her classes due to her visual problems incurred as a result of a brain tumor. These problem make it a constant struggle for her to read and digest course materials. Gina's mother wrote in to The Sierra Group and asked whether there was any software available to help her daughter overcome her optical and neurological problems to become a more proficient reader.

Sierra's Answer: Because Gina's neurological problems prevent her from visually tracking across a written page, she has difficulty reading printed text as her eyes may jump from the beginning of one word to the end of another.

The AceReader from StepWare, Inc. (970.243.9390) is a reading tool that The Sierra Group has found great success with in helping individuals become faster, more proficient readers. With this product's Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) mode, one of the two modes available to increase reading speed and comprehension, words are brought to the reader instead of the reader having to follow the words across a page. The RSVP mode displays text in the center of a text area so that Gina will not have to shift her eyes to read. Since she cannot follow text in a smooth line, by focusing on a picture of a single word instead of a series of words in context, she can be trained to digest each and every word as she reads. This will increase her comprehension and eventually the speed with which she reads.

For more information contact The Sierra Group at 1.800.973.7687, or visit their Web site at: The Sierra Group, Inc. provides information about technology for people with disabilities, as well as a wide array of other technological services.