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"AceReader is an exceptionally well thought-out and well executed program. The benefits have made themselves apparent in only a few days. I'd consider it an indispensable tool for improving reading speed at any age, and an excellent value."

Lee Crawford, California.

"My speed went from 175 wpm to 853 wpm!! I have learned how to read faster than my wife and she is a lawyer with excellent reading skills. I go back to the AceReader program every week or so to keep training my brain just as I would go jogging to train for a marathon. I cannot say enough great things about how AceReader has changed my life!"

Brandon Floyd, Austin, TX.

Speed Reading - Read Faster! Comprehend More!

Personal Editions of AceReader

The products below are for individual/personal consumers. Note: We have simplified our product line. "AceReader Pro" and "AceReader Pro Deluxe" have been replaced by "AceReader Elite". "AceReader Elite" now contains all our Test Sets plus many new features. Refer below for more details.

$89.95 $69.95 AceReader Elite (PC/Windows & Macintosh Versions)
AceReader Elite includes Tests, Drills, and Games designed to assess and improve your reading skills. The program allows you to have the level of control that suits your needs. It includes three methods of operation: Course Mode, Menu Mode, and Reading Mode. The Course Mode leads you through a self-adjusting and personalized training process. The Menu Mode lets you pick-and-choose from a menu list of training activities. The Reading Mode allows you to have full control by letting you load your own material from the clipboard or documents (i.e. Web pages, e-mails, .pdf files, .doc files) and letting you manually set the display modes and speed settings. With the Reading Mode you can train with material that you needed to read anyway. Since the Reading Mode has so much flexibility with how it can present text, many people use this part of the program as a productivity tool to help them get through reading material more efficiently while on the computer.

Includes 625 eBooks, video tutorials and text-to-speech capabilities. For a more complete list of features, please refer to the Feature Table.

AceReader is rated #1 by speed reading experts and reading instructors. It's used by thousands of individual consumers, schools, learning centers and military institutions. Our product along with our top rated support makes AceReader Elite your number one choice. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Don't hesitate to call or email us if you have questions!
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Premium Package
AceReader Elite (PC/Windows & Macintosh Versions)
$139.95 $119.95 plus Iris Speed Reading Videos
Iris Reading is the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading training and is used by more than 227,000 at companies and organizations worldwide. Iris speed reading classes have been provided to employees of NASA, Google and even students at Harvard. Iris Reading has picked AceReader as its software of choice for their training tool. AceReader and Iris Reading have joined forces so that we can now offer the best speed reading software alongside with the best speed reading instructional videos.

With this Premium package, you will receive the AceReader Elite software plus the following:
  • Guided instruction from the speed-reading experts at Iris Reading.
  • Video-based instruction that will help you learn techniques and strategies to help you read faster with better comprehension.
  • 27 videos and over 9+ hours of unique video training.
  • Free eBook: "Focus" by Leo Babauta.
  • You'll also learn how to improve your memory so you can remember more of what you read.
  • Learn to read more in less time while also improving your comprehension and retention.
  • Iris Reading "30 Tips to Improve Your Memory".
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Spanish Editions

Click on the above link for Spanish editions of the software.

Additional Product Add-ons

Add-on: Spanish Test Set Starting Price: $20.00
Original 260 Reading Comprehension Tests (20 per Grade Level, grades 1-12 plus adult) translated into Spanish. Importable by any of the AceReader Pro & Elite Series products. Buy Now

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Add-on: High Quality AT&T Natural Voices (for PC/Windows) Starting Price: $42.00
Text-To-Speech is now part of the base program and uses the voices that come with your computer. This add-on provides high quality voices provided by AT&T and is available for PC users.

Text-To-Speech is ideal for grades 1-3 fluency training, ESL / foreign language students, the vision impaired... It is also useful for anyone interested in having text read aloud using AceReader Elite's Reading Mode..

This add-on includes the AT&T text-to-speech run time engine and two high quality AT&T's Natural Voices (Mike & Crystal 16khz voice fonts) version 5.1.

Requires: This version of the AT&T Natural Voices requires that you have Version 7.4.0 or higher of AceReader Series software, SAPI 5.1 (built-in to Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) and 1.5GB of disk space (for AT&T TTS Engine and two voice fonts).

Note: The samples to the right are using the older version of AT&T Voices. To hear samples of the latest voices that you will recieve upon purchase, click on: voice demo.

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Voice samples:
Add-on: Additional AT&T Natural Voices (for PC/Windows) Starting Price: $42.00
These additional voices, require the AT&T Natural Voices add-on shown above.

Note: The samples to the right are using the older version of AT&T Voices. To hear samples of the latest voices that you will recieve upon purchase, click on: voice demo.

Note: In addition to the voices samples listed to the right, you can now also purchase:
- Charles (UK Male)
- Francesca (Italian Female)
- Giovanni (Italian Male)

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Voice samples:
AceReader Apparel & More! Starting Price: $1.99
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