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Free Online Speed Reading Test

Test your reading speed

How fast do you read?

Find out in a matter of minutes with this simple test.

This free speed reading test allows you to pick tests from a set of leveled and themed material. Select a level and then select a test from a few themes. You may want to take several tests to verify your speed.

The levels of the text were determined by running the text through common readability formulas. These formulas take into consideration the number of syllables per word, the number of words per sentence and other factors. The levels do suggest grade levels, but we think it is more appropriate to think of the levels as “complexity levels” instead of “grade levels”. We like to remind people that newspapers are written for adults and newspapers are typically written at about the 5th to 6th grade level in terms of text complexity.

Reading speeds may vary. The average adult reading speed is between 200 words per minute and 300 words per minute. Reading rates may range from 95 words per minute for young children to well above 400 to 750 words per minute for accomplished good readers. Your reading speed will vary depending on many factors (age, interest of reading material, text complexity…). You should take several tests to best determine your current reading speed with the text level you choose.

It is not uncommon that when you begin this discovery and learning process to find that you are reading at a speed below 250 or 300 words per minute with less than optimum comprehension. The good news is that with a little effort, you can substantially improve. Read on to learn more...

Now that you know your reading speed, what now?

Efficient Reading skills are more important today than ever. In today’s information age, it’s a necessity to be an efficient reader. Efficient reading skills will help you with your school work, in your career and in your everyday life.

Speed reading techniques are taught by taking classes, reading books and by using software. Learning with software provides a convenient and cost effective solution since you can work when you have the time and since nothing can replace the automation that only software can provide. Only software can provide an automated self-adjusting course that adjusts to your current reading skills. Good speed reading software will present you with periodic timed reading comprehension tests and then provide exercise that auto-adjust to keep pushing you up to the next level. It should also provide a variety of training methods including the ability to load your own content.

The AceReader is an award winning software program that has been helping people of all ages achieve their advanced reading goals for 15 years. It is designed to help you become a faster and more efficient reader. Efficient reading means fluent reading with higher rates of speed while maintaining good comprehension.

AceReader provides several modes of operation that allow you to train the way you want:

  • COURSE MODE: The “Course Mode” makes training super easy since you it makes all the decisions for you. You simply follow the activity list from top to bottom. Every day, you just pick up where you left off the previous day. Periodically the program will have you take a self-paced test to determine your current reading speed and the drills will auto-adjust according to your ability.
  • MENU MODE: The “Menu Mode” gives you more control by letting you pick and choose what speed reading training activities you want to perform.
  • EXPERT MODE: The “Expert Mode” provides you with a special screen that lets you load your own material and set your own display modes and speed settings. You can load PDF files, documents, emails, text from web pages. The Expert Mode lets you train with material that you needed to read anyway. Some people also use the Expert Mode to help them read more efficiently while on the computer since it provides so many display modes and you may find certain display modes that help you with your online reading. For example, with the Expert Mode you can set the display mode to flash a few words at a time in the center of the screen which allows you to read without moving your eyes. Many people find this mode a more efficient way to read. In short, the Expert Mode is a powerful part of the program that can be used as an "educational tool" to help you learn how to read better and faster both on and off the computer as well as a "productivity tool" to help you read more efficiently while you are on the computer.

Many AceReader customers report that they have doubled and even tripled their reading speeds. With AceReader we don’t make any wild claims as to how much you will improve since it varies for each person, but we are confident with positive attitude, patience and practice that you can improve. Any improvement is well worth your time and effort.

With AceReader it's simple... Just practice for about 15 minutes per day and with the automated course mode that will walk you through the training process. You can also use the other modes if you want more control. To learn more how it works, check out our video tutorials.